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Speaking of Windows Phone - it seems like it's not happening.

Telecom executives for years have trumpeted the need for a new cellphone platform to provide a counterweight to the dominance of Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Maybe it could be BlackBerry. Or maybe Windows.

Or maybe not. According to the data from IDC, the two top players are only getting stronger, grabbing 96.4% of global smartphone shipments in the second quarter, up from 92.6% a year ago.

Windows Phone’s share of shipments fell to 2.5% of the total from 3.4% a year ago, as shipments dropped by more than 9%. BlackBerry’s share fell to 0.5% from 2.8% - below the market share of the "other" category - amid a total collapse in shipments.

This is a two-horse race, and the rest is fighting over the scraps. Those scraps are enough for newcomers such as Jolla, who don't really need the massive numbers to keep a small company alive, but it's the death knell for platforms from larger, established companies with demanding shareholders.

So far, the whole Windows Phone experiment has been a disaster for Microsoft (and Nokia). They've had to pour so much money into Windows Phone just to keep it alive that it will take them 5-10 years before they will ever make any profit on the platform - and that's assuming it actually takes off. If it continues to muddle as it does now, it will remain a huge money pit - and at some point, shareholders and the new CEO will question its existence.

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RE[9]: Two horses race not good
by WereCatf on Fri 15th Aug 2014 15:55 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Two horses race not good"
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1- put up a free hotspot anywhere with 2 "clicks"

One swipe from the top down to bring the menu, then one tap to turn the hotspot on?

2- keep synced all of my email, notes, calendars, phone#'s, documents, bookmarks, pictures, music, videos, and workout data with my laptop, in the background with no help from me. 0 clicks.

That's what Google's services are for?

3- stream audio, auto-pause if skype, call, or video call is coming in, and restart stream once call is finished

I think that's more about what app you're using than anything else.

4- be a good phone and text machine get my scores and news updates and do lots of browsing. pay my bills to the phone company, insurance, cable, etc. through secure apps.

Those are also about the apps, not the platform itself.

5- control my roku and throw content around the house to my rokus and appletv

A quick look on Play Market reveals a dozen or so Roku-apps.

6- capture lots of video, both HD and filtered/vintage style, do a quick edit of video, and send off the device.

Uh, I'm somewhat baffled about this. Why do you think Android couldn't do this?

9- record and upload to soundcloud,

Install the Soundcloud-app from Play Market?

and most importantly...
10- don't ever lose my data. ever! don't misplace it, weirdly name it, or otherwise delete it.

I haven't heard of this being an issue, either.

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Thanks for the list, those sound like decent alternatives. Droid seems to be getting better, as long as you sell your identity to advertisers to get those google services.

However, I noticed how you skipped both audio items. I scan lists all day ;)

The audio production is the most important stuff to me. Android audio is a mess.

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WereCatf Member since:

However, I noticed how you skipped both audio items. I scan lists all day ;)

I skipped them because I don't even know what that stuff is. I simply have nothing to say.

I have heard something about how Android's audio-stack doesn't really suit for low-latency stuff at the moment and as far as I can remember reading Android L's audio-stack is being reworked to allow for high-quality, low-latency stuff, so maybe there aren't any good apps for the audio stuff now and maybe there will be once Android L arrives?

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