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General Development Ruby on Rails is a relatively new web application framework built on the Ruby language. It is billed as an alternative to existing enterprise frameworks, and its goal, in a nutshell, is to make your life -- or at least the Web development aspects of it -- easier. This article will contrast the Rails framework against a typical J2EE implementation using common open source tools that are regularly found in enterprise applications.
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I agree with your last statement.

Python is by far my favorite language to use and therefore, I was extremely interested in both Zope and Plone.

Unfortunately, after reading most of a book on Zope and several "tutorials" on both Zope and Plone, I just couldn't see the big picture. I also couldn't see much Python either. Needless to say, I don't have any sites running on Zope or Plone.

I've heard Zope3 is trying to solve the Python issue, but I haven't looked at it at all. I'm sure it will still be something my small attention span will refuse to digest though.

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