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Multimedia, AV We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered (by snooping on its firmware files) that the Pontis MX2020 multimedia device that sent us for a review actually uses Linux (embedded distribution uCLinux, kernel 2.4.19). If it's video, audio, pictures, recording or even basic PDA functionality via its touch screen, the Pontis MX2020 can do it all. And for very cheap too.
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RE: Video Recording Specs?
by Eugenia on Wed 16th Nov 2005 01:46 UTC in reply to "Video Recording Specs?"
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No, only QVGA recording is supported, which is what you want for PDAs and for future phones. If you need bigger resolutions you need to get an Archos device instead (the Neuros 442 that I reviewed last week also does HVGA 640x240, but this res is not supported well by most media players and it makes the video look stretched). So, if you truly need big resolutions, either get a Neuros Recorder II (comes out in a few weeks, $150) or an Archos device ($350+).

Pictures are scaled down to fit on the QVGA resolution and they don't look blury. There is a 4x zoom available too. They load pretty fast.

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