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imgix is an image processing and delivery service that provides a supremely flexible, high performance, ultra-reliable solution to the problem of serving images on the modern internet. We operate our own hardware, run our own datacenters, and manage our own network infrastructure. At imgix's scale, maximizing efficiency and performance in image processing is critical for success. For this reason, we decided to incorporate Mac Pros in planning the build of our next generation image renderers. Because no existing Mac Pro server rack suited our needs, we designed and built our own.

Crazy custom build. Can't be cheap.

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Looks like a great high-risk system
by Auzy on Wed 6th May 2015 23:26 UTC
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Looks like a clever solution, but high risk solution.

1. If a design fault is found with that model, in 2 years they could all start failing.

2. What long term maintenance? Apple's service parts are definitely not cost effective, and in 3 years, maintenance costs will skyrocket far beyond any competitor using normal mATX/ATX rackmount systems (because only Apple parts can be used, and they aren't cheap).

3. And you most likely won't be able to upgrade these Mac Pro's.

4. If Apple changes the profile of their Mac Pro cases, the new ones may not fit on the rack.

5. "Rapid Deployment technology" generally doesn't involve building your own rack modules..

6. Finally, Mac Pro's aren't cost effective (especially long term). So this means any competitor could build a competing system for considerably less

The riskiest time for this company will be the moment Applecare expires on the units (since I suspect they were given a large amount of money to start the company). And if there is a design fault in the Mac Pro's which cause premature failure of boards, it might take a while to surface.

If I was building an image processing company, I'd ensure I use multiple vendors

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I expect that they'll keep them until apple care expires.

At that point a new model will be released that they'll upgrade these units from/to.

The existing units will then be sold on ebay where they'll have retained pretty much all their value as the cases will be in pretty much perfect condition, and if they stored the boxes they came in, would be 'as new'.

Like most mac hardware, because their value for resell is quite high, they might actually save money in the long run from buying disposable Linux racks.

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