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what is the problem with konqueror
by on Sat 19th Nov 2005 22:39 UTC

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really I don't want to get in a tussel here but I always hear people complaining about it, but they never put specific examples. I have tons of friend around my age (20-26) that love it and what I have notice is that our workflow is different than older people. I think becuae we first started learning with windows. My cousins (7,10,11) all use my kde worksattion and I never really had to explain them how to use it. they knew the world was the internet and home was loca when they wanted something from their computer they just typed home and the only thing they did not know how to do was to open a tab. really I thikn that younger people are the ones that find konqueror usefull. My mother hates it because you can do many thing with it and she does not feel like reading in case she needs to ssh. so she use about 3 application in windows while I only use one for fiel browsin, interenet acces, ftp, and ssh sometimes I do all of this at the same time so only using one application is really helpfull as opose to opening 2 or 3 applications.

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