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RE[13]: meh
by archiesteel on Sun 20th Nov 2005 05:23 UTC
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I suppose I'd normally bring up how non-spatial file managers are always going to be less than ideal and inefficient to use, but I suppose that wouldn't do any good, as the chances of somebody knowing anything about UI design is fairly low, and if they do they wouldn't be arguing in the first place.

I'm sorry, but I HATE spatial file managers. I really, really don't like them.

The problem is that UI design is subjective. There are broad rules, but the fact is that not everyone nagivates UIs the same way, and some people will prefer a certain way of doing something while others will prefer something else. Trying to force down so "absolute" UI design on users on the very debatable grounds that it represents the "ideal" UI goes against individual choice, and as such is NOT a good thing.

Despite your condescending tone, I have yet to see any real empirical evidence about what constitutes the "ideal" UI design. To me, it's all very relative and highly debatable. Trying to pass yourself off as a UI authority without that empirical evidence seems a bit presumptuous, to say the least.

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