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Mod points
by SlackerJack on Sun 20th Nov 2005 08:19 UTC
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Well i'll say one thing, there must be alot of KDE users with mod points, you say anything factual about kde being bad or wrong then you get modded down. What I said was factual so.


According to this topic, KDE is just about perfect which it's not by a long shot. KDE ALWAYS gets the more mod points, so I guess there must me more KDE users here.

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RE: Mod points
by on Sun 20th Nov 2005 11:12 in reply to "Mod points"
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What I said was factual so.
I am sorry to dissapoint you, but unqualified remarks about "bloat" are not facts.

...KDE is more bloated that ever...
Ok, what does "bloated" mean? Being "turgid or swollen" of being "filled to capacity or overflowing"?

Please say what you really mean, and do not hide behind nonsensical buzzwords.

Does KDE use too much memory? Does the default interface contain too much (in your oppinion) unneeded visual information? Does the default install come with too many applications that you do not need? many points at which KDE accesses the net...
At which points do you mean? Does KDE call home without asking? What does it do?
What problems do you have with the KDE security model? Do you have any specific weaknesses in mind?

...KDE also really needs to sort it's themes out, they just look the same and no drag and drop install like GNOME...
Why use the invisible drag and drop functionality if you have GHNS (get hot new stuff)

What I wanted to express in this post is that you have probably not been modded down because of KDE users which want to keep you from spreading the truth, but because you repeat unsubstantiated claims about KDE, using buzzwords.

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v RE[2]: Mod points
by on Sun 20th Nov 2005 11:32 in reply to "RE: Mod points"
RE[2]: Mod points
by SlackerJack on Sun 20th Nov 2005 12:01 in reply to "RE: Mod points"
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If funny that you cannot come up with anything other than to reflect my comments off the subject, you make it sound like KDE is perfect. Even the devs are not happy with KDE since most of the time it's been redesigned so many times, and KDe4 will be no different.

KDE needs to get it's act together and produce a design that they are going to stick with, not change it when they want. GNOME has stayed the same since early days showing the design was sound in the first place, KDE just add after add change design after design, KDE4 a redesign of something thats already wrong.

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