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Windows Security update package MS16-023 for Internet Explorer doesn't only contain security patches, but also a few other things, including: "This update adds functionality to Internet Explorer 11 on some computers that lets users learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10." writes:

Microsoft does not reveal what this means, or what this has to do with Internet Explorer. According to Woody Leonhard over at Infoworld, the update pushes a banner on Internet Explorer 11's New Tab Page advertising the company's new operating system Windows 10.

Unfortunately the ads can't be uninstalled without uninstalling the whole security update package.

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RE: You've been binged! Again!
by Sauron on Fri 11th Mar 2016 05:59 UTC in reply to "You've been binged! Again!"
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How many reasons do users need to ditch that abomination named Windows 10?
There, fixed it for you. ;)

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nicubunu Member since:

Actually they need a single one reason: the alternative OS they may jump to is able to run *all their apps*.
So with OS X, Linux and ReactOS out of the question, there's no alternative (except Windows 7, which is going to be killed in a year or so).

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Sauron Member since:

Actually that isn't a good reason.
It's been 5 week now since I booted in to my Windows 7 installation, I have been using Linux Lite in that time and the Windows software I have wanted to run has ran fine through Wine.
Admittedly it hasn't been a lot and mostly games which I have run, but all but one has run without a problem and all were just as easy to install and run as they are in Windows.
There is no way in hell I will ever install Windows 10 and sell my soul, so if that is all the problems I will face my Windows days are over.
I am loving this Linux Lite, it's stable, easy to use and it isn't Windows 10! ;)

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Windows7 will live on a lot longer than a year or so, regardless of how hard Microsoft tries to kill it.

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Actually they need a single one reason: the alternative OS they may jump to is able to run *all their apps*

No, they don't need to run all of their apps. They need to choose the best OS and install it, replace the apps they can, and run the few remaining ones under virtual machines until they find suitable replacements.

Adapt. Advance. Move on. That's why I'm not still running CP/M-80 on a computer with an 8 bit CPU.

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CaptainN- Member since:

There is no reason to prefer any version of Windows over Windows 10, and MS getting all the WIndows holdouts on one continuously updating version of Windows is frankly, good for everyone. If you think one or two controversial lines of BS in their EULA is worse than the other thousand lines, you are deceiving yourselves.

Windows vs. Linux [Distro of choice] or OSX is a great conversation. Windows vs some other version of Windows is inane - they are all produced and mismanaged by MS. What difference does it really make?

I mean, some of you even whine about how hard it is to update Android, or how updates aren't available at all. So it's bad if MS pushes updates, but it's good if Google does. And do you think Android doesn't have all the same lines of BS in their proprietary EULA? Get a grip.

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Sauron Member since:

There is no reason to prefer any version of Windows over Windows 10
Bullcrap, several times over.
I have 4 machines here still running XP, 1 with Win 2000 and 1 running Windows 98, not one of them phones home with a buttload of spyware, sorry "telemetry", and not one of them harasses me by shoving ads in my face!
Plenty of reasons there alone to prefer other versions of Windows other than 10.
Its attitudes like yours that lets them get away with this crap. If nobody ran it, they would soon scrap it!

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nicubunu Member since:

"Telemetry" and invasive ads are solid reasons to prefer an older Windows version

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