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Marcan42 of Fail0verflow fame was at the CCC33 event this year, to explain how Fail0verflow exploited the PS4 hardware in order to run Linux on the PS4.

The presentation goes back to all the pain the hackers had to go through in order to make Linux compatible with the PS4 architecture, which Marcan42 described several times throughout the presentation as "not being a PC" as it lacks lots of the legacy architecture bits required for a computer to constitute what is known today as an IBM compatible PC.

Be sure to watch the actual presentation. It's quite informative and detailed.

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The presentation is not really about exploitation but on getting linux ported to an alien architecture. The guy just replaced a FreeBSD-derivative with Gentoo.

It is not really effective from a practical point of view: a PS4 is not cheap and linux will not run efficiently on it. So ... it's not a terribly relevant talk for anyone else than the guy that did it, but it is amazing what people can do with some technical expertise and a lot of spare time (and money).

What will be interesting is what SONY will do in the future. FreeBSD 9 has been EOL'd, will they update and try to work the security with the community or will they continue their fork in innovative ways.

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