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If you're still rocking a handset running Windows Phone 8.1, it is important to note that mainstream support for the operating system is ending tomorrow, as Microsoft previously announced. Prior to the availability of Windows 10 Mobile for select handsets, the last major update to Windows Phone 8.1 was Lumia Denim, which started rolling out way back in December 2014.

A select number of handsets can get Windows 10 Mobile, but the vast majority of users (about 80%) are running Windows Phone 8.1.

So, headlines that state Windows Phone died yesterday are clickbait - but only because Windows Phone died years ago.

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Thank you for a stable and fast platform
by wigry on Wed 12th Jul 2017 15:35 UTC
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I still use my 3+ year old Lumia 520 as a daily device and I am very very pleased with its stability and performance. In fact it behaves the way it did when I took it out from the box many years ago. The battery still lasts a week. Very pleased with WP8.1 and for now I continue to use the device. Good to know that there are no updates (read changes) planned for my device anymore. Of course this is all possible because I do not use 3rd party apps in the phone.

Only reason to have smart phone instead of feature phone for me is the availability of qwerty keyboard to type SMSes on. And very rarerly I might need to look up something from the internet and for that the IE will beat Opera Mini any day. Nokia Here maps are also great to use.

That said, I can totally understand that for 99% of tech-savvy people such a use-case and therefore the device would not be acceptable. For me it is simply the best phone to date.

Oh and at work my table is full of iPhones as I write apps to them. In fact it is very refreshing to use Windows Phone platform in contrast to iOS.

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Oh and at work my table is full of iPhones as I write apps to them. In fact it is very refreshing to use Windows Phone platform in contrast to iOS.

I really enjoyed using UWP, specially the mix of .NET Native and C++/CX, but it was the multiple reboots (WP7, WP8, WP8.1 Universal Apps, UWP) that killed any willingness to keep targeting the platform.

Eventually people get fed up to re-write their apps to the same OS, specially if the market share is measured in a single digit.

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My family still uses Windows Phones.
Started out with Lumia 520 and moved to 640 XL mostly due to having a bigger screen and better point and shoot camera.
The amount of questions I get from them regarding how things work is minimal comparing to Android at the same price point.
Still it is end of life for 8.1 and looking at how services are being migrated to Android / iOS (basic ones for paying your bills, raising question to support, buying tickets), this will no longer be a valid option in future.

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