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Original OSNews Interviews PC-BSD 0.7.8 has been released and I also recently conducted an interview with PC-BSD Project leader Kris Moore.
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RE[5]: Looks awesome
by on Tue 19th Jul 2005 22:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Looks awesome"

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I agree with your solution however I do take exception to the generalization that all hard core Unix people code in C. Ada2005 is my favourite language. I've been using it since it was Ada83.

Well, Ada is nice! in fact, I like the fact that you can find Forth code in FreeBSD's bootloader and Modula-3 in CVSup. These were chosen for a very good reason.
Maybe in FreeBSD it's different. I've used more OpenBSD, where's there's a definite trend to keep it simple and small (C). For better or for worse, and I can't really see much non-C get in the core system. Maybe FreeBSD people are more open, it sure looks that way. In fact, this C-fixation is an aspect I don't like in OpenBSD, but I understand the rationale.

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