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As part of this week's hearings into how Russia has used social media to influence American opinion, House lawmakers released several Facebook and Instagram ads linked to Kremlin meddling online. Although lawmakers have not yet released the full cache of ads, which includes about 3,000 examples provided to Congress by Facebook, the so-far disclosed ads offer one of the closest looks yet at the Russian operation.

Some of these ads and fake accounts are quite fascinating - they're clearly designed not just to promote Trump, but also to rile up different groups - from the LGBT community to proponents of the US 2nd amendment - against each other. Oh, and also to pitch a fight between Clinton and Jesus.

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RE[2]: Theire idea was simple.
by slashdev on Fri 3rd Nov 2017 16:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Theire idea was simple."
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First, these ad drops from Facebook is just the tip of the iceburg, I cant wait to see the information from google (which has ad-sense, and youtube) and twitter. These orgs have been warned since at least 2014 about things like bot accounts (russian twitterbots), etc. Also, I would love to know how many 4chan accounts are run from the kremlin.
If you want a look, here is a good primer from 2014:

Second, These what-about-isms are really getting played out. If you think Hilary, the DNC or anyone else isnt being investigated, you've been played by whatever news you are ingesting. Due to the Comey firing we now have to hear INCESSANTLY (yay Trump, yay 24 hour news cycle) about the special counsel Muller's specific investigation. That does not mean the FBI is not investigating other leads, or other national security issues. Its a large law enforcement org with a big budget.

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"the Atlantic" ? ...

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"the Atlantic" ? ...

While you've been downvoted, I think you bring up an excellent (yet troubling) point. There is a shift in the way people seem to consume news. Thinking that somehow being from fox or cnn or britebart or theatlantic means "fake news".

News Outlets have always has a bias or specific motivations, whether its to get at a particular subject from a different view point, create/mold common identity (usually state/public run), sow confusion about a topic, or a mercenary drive for views/viewers at all costs. The hope of a "free press" is that out of all that chaos comes a coherent narrative about facts and events. /rant

I have been reading breitbart before it became vogue to bash them...they are as to political news as wccftech is to tech and gaming news, and guess what? I remembered they ALSO covered the russian pys ops and troll farms, as did nytimes and the guardian.

Here is an addendum to my primer:

an ex-employee of one of these troll farms sued one in RUSSIAN court, and won:

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