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Mobile World Congress is happening this week, and we're slowly getting a better picture of what Google's new "Android Go" initiative will look like. Android Go is a special configuration of Android 8.1 (with a selection of special "Go" apps) that targets low-end devices with 1GB of RAM or less.

MWC has seen a ton of manufacturers sign up for the program and announce phones shipping with the Go config, so it's time for a hardware roundup.

We often tend to get tunnel vision and focus on expensive flagships, so here's a roundup of upcoming 100 dollar Android Go phones. These are neat little phones for a decent price.

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LineageOS + refurb
by Dasher42 on Sun 4th Mar 2018 18:18 UTC
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My equally affordable, and slightly more alt-OS route, has been to buy professionally refurbished Samsung S4s and S5s and install LineageOS on them. You get a proven performer of a phone that has a replaceable battery unlike many new models, you get software updates, and you can get it for under $120 and a bit of your time. Plus, you don't have the ecological footprint of new manufacturing.

Just avoid Verizon if in the USA! They do everything they can to make it impossible for you to do this!

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RE: LineageOS + refurb
by Morgan on Sun 4th Mar 2018 22:22 in reply to "LineageOS + refurb"
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I've tried to "upcycle" a couple of S4 Active phones that way (using CyanogenMod; this was a few years ago) and both ended up with horrible screen burn-in after a few months of use. A screen swap cost more than the phones were worth so I dropped the project.

One of the reasons I'm happy to stick with an iPhone 7 is fear of the iPhone X having burn in issues. Every OLED device I've ever owned has eventually suffered that fate, though the S4 Active was by far the worst.

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