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Gnome Epiphany is a web browser for the GNOME desktop that aims to be simple and easy-to-use. FootNotes, a GNOME news site, has posted the Epiphany: The Web through the eyes of GNOME article.
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RE: osnews web browser statistics
by Adam S on Wed 20th Jul 2005 19:48 UTC in reply to "osnews web browser statistics"
Adam S
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Our external stats are here:

I guess that's proof that there's no reason for OSNews to continue using non-W3 standards compliant HTML for the site. Considering that the stats for anything below Opera are in the "tens". Unless of course those stats are wildly inaccurate somehow...

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Eugenia Member since:

There are ~2,000 mobile unique users every day (about 5,000 hits). That's reason enough.

Besides, it's not just about the sheer numbers. It's about not being ironic. When we report on OSes like NeXT or Amiga, we owe to render well on their browsers. If we were a site about the latest sports news, sure, no reason why we shouldn't be XHTML-only.

This is off topic btw. Don't start the same old same old discussion. We have already responded t o this and we are not changing our minds. We only want to hear a complain when the page does NOT render well on your browser. If it does, then we are all happy and everything else is a waste of breath.

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I guess that's proof that there's no reason for OSNews to continue using non-W3 standards compliant HTML for the site.

Oh jesus, would the "waaaah, OSNews is not w3c compliant" crowd give it a rest already? While I'll probably never be invited to join Eugenia's fan club (*cough* ), I think that lack of w3c compliance is a pretty spurious complaint.

What existing practical problem(s) would be solved by re-writing OSNews in a w3c-compliant fashion?

I hope it's not just some BS about how not complying helps perpetuate the problem. It's not her/their responsibility to try to push the adoption of w3c standards, especially when doing so would directly interfere with the design goals of the site (one of which is to be visible in the browsers available for older/hobbyist OSes).

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Our external stats are here:

Hmmm... Safari does not appear to be showing up on those stats at all. If the stats are to be believed, almost all Mac users are browsing with Mozilla (and none with Safari).

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I surf this site every day with Safari. The stats aren't counting properl.

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