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IBM Unix isn't a flashy market. But what distinction there is has been going to Sun Microsystems lately, by making its Unix-based Solaris operating system available as open-source software. Last week, IBM moved to put its AIX Unix operating system back on everybody's radar by revealing plans to create a development center on its Austin, Texas, campus to speed up AIX development.
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RE[12]: One size fits all?
by Simba on Wed 21st Dec 2005 03:48 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: One size fits all?"
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"Really makes me wonder how microsoft is selling the xbox 360 at a $120 loss, or how the playstation 3 is going to be sold at a ~$150 dollar loss..."

It's not the same thing, because in both cases the losses are being made up by the fact that accessories sold for the same product turn them a profit.

This is different than IBM dumping typewriters on the market to drive other typewriter makers into bankruptcy. Or Kia dumping automobiles on the U.S. market just to drive U.S. automakers into bankruptcy.

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