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Windows "The current Win32-based Windows UI graphics subsystem, found in Windows XP, has been around for nearly 20 years. It's aging and limited, and as a result, user interface development has been somewhat, well, constrained at best. The Windows Presentation Foundation, which is built on the .NET Framework, provides new techniques for developing applications, and makes better use of current hardware and technologies. In this article, we'll show you 10 of the most significant advances that make WPF superior to its Win32 forebears." In related news, here are shots of Vista server.
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New Control Transparency Features
by edwdig on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 14:07 UTC
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It's all fine and dandy that Windows now lets you have overlapping semi-transparent buttons. But why in your right mind would you want your UI buttons to overlap? I just see it as a total usability nightmare. Think of how much trouble a lot of less computer savy people have keeping the mouse steady as they click. Now overlap your UI widgets and watch them try to click the right one.

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You can overlap widgets now, so what's the difference? It's simply about giving the programmer/designer as much control and freedom as possible.

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