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BSD and Darwin derivatives "The MirOS Project is proud to announce the immediate release of MirOS XP, consisting of MirOS BSD #8 and the MirPorts Framework. This release is the first in the MIRBSD_8 branch and still highly experimental in some parts, especially ports, but has been throughoutly tested and deemed stable." You can download this Net/OpenBSD-based operating system here. Note: Don't mention the war!
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by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 00:35 UTC

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Now BSD people can stop complaining about Linux distributions since they have as many BSD "flavors" with many other proprietary bases to boot

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RE: Good
by Andrew Youll on Fri 30th Dec 2005 11:17 in reply to "Good"
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I have to disagree if you count up the number of True BSD Flavours there are only really 6:

Darwin (although many will no class this as a BSD)

PC-BSD and DesktopBSD are both 100% compatible with FreeBSD so arent really flavours as they have not diverged from their parent base, and NetBSD-Office is not a Flavour either as it is still compatible with NetBSD.

And proprietary bases? what proprietary bases? FreeBSD is completely open source, as is NetBSD... never looked into OpenBSD so that maybe partially closed / closed source, Darwin is completely Open source, in the end its the developers choices, as is permitted under the BSD license.

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RE[2]: Good
by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 17:21 in reply to "RE: Good"
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You're really not qualified to talk if you don't know anything, you realise this, right?

OpenBSD is the completely open source BSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD are completely fine with using binaries that the developers cannot touch - have you been living under a rock then?

DragonFlyBSD's policy is that binries are acceptable if there is no alternative.

Darwin isn't under the BSD licence and doesn't use a BSD kernel, so it really cannot be construed as a BSD.

Mir OS is a disgusting little mess made by some delusional little nutter with no skill, based on OpenBSD, it's a combination of the mess from ekkoBSD and MicroBSD as well as random other bits from NetBSD. It's not even worth looking at it's so screwy.

NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD are the 4 BSDs.

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