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X11, Window Managers David Reveman has made the latest XGL source code available to download. This comes a few weeks after development of the project was criticised for being done 'behind closed doors'. There have been huge changes to XGL, the most significant being restructuring of the code, allowing XGL's GLX support to function on other drivers than the proprietary Nvidia one. Xcompmgr can currently be run under XGL with full acceleration provided that the proprietary ATI or Nvidia drivers are used. An OpenGL based compositing manager, 'Compiz' is currently in the works and a release is expected in February. David intends to get the code into freedesktop CVS as soon as possible, after which the code should eventually merge with Xorg.
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Also, there is a big, big world outside nVidia and ATI. Let us not forget about marginal players like S3 or XGI, with varying openness, but the VERY VAST majority of 3D chipsets sold are made by Intel; integrated in most desktop and laptop computers, they are perfectly supported by open source drivers.

Intel 3D chips are not by any means the fastest, but most people seem to never notice, and they are much more than enough for the sweetest desktop eye candy.

GREAT point. I think everyone misses that. Intel is on the side of the open source crowd and they are the biggest player in the desktop graphics market.

I mean....Intel's 915 video hardware is the only Directx 9 compatible (aka has the pixel shaders) hardware with open specs right? Why not just build the entire future Xserver on that? Then ATI and Nvidia will have to play along or lose the market and those that demand an all OSS system can have it!

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