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Windows The saga around the WMF flaw in Windows continues. "A cryptographically signed version of Microsoft's patch for the Windows Metafile vulnerability accidentally leaked onto the Internet late Tuesday, adding a new wrinkle to the company's round-the-clock efforts to stop the flow of malicious exploits. The MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) acknowledged that a slip-up caused 'a fast-track, pre-release version of the update' to be posted to a security community site and urged users to 'disregard' the premature update."
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Well, I've HAD it...
by Bobmeister on Thu 5th Jan 2006 03:22 UTC
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I am just HAD it with all of the hysteria every week about some new exploit. It's like just running a computer in these days will give people nervous breakdowns. I started my migration to other platforms three years ago, but have TWO Windows installations left, and frankly don't care if they blow up... but the poor businesses and IT managers that have to manage thousands of these things....this is a nightmare.

When will the gauntlet be brought down and Microsoft will finally have to PAY THE PRICE for the money and manpower that is being spent not on just THIS particular hole, but it's EVERY WEEK!

I've HAD it.

And I'm getting to the point, although it's not nice and it's not the right thing to do, of just laughing and not caring anymore when people call up with another problem to fix. I just can't do it anymore...

They (meaning the bad guys...not Microsoft) have ruined computing for most's just not fun anymore, running Windows (except that the games still kick butt!

Maybe we should all just keep the Windows for gaming or playing with things, but disable the interface cards...boot into your BSD, Linux or fire up the MAC for the internet stuff...

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