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Linspire Linspire has started another attempt at selling computers pre-installed with their operating system - this time by teaming up with Mirus - called the Koobox. Ars looks at the situation: "At this point it is hard to assess the potential of the Koobox systems. If it succeeds, the product could help legitimize desktop Linux and bring it further into the mainstream. Regardless of how many get sold, the availability of yet another budget Linux PC illuminates the growing popularity of the Linux platform, and contributes to the perception that Linux is applicable to desktop computing."
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Linspire to aspire to be like Windows
by SlackerJack on Mon 9th Jan 2006 19:27 UTC
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It's no secret that Linspire/Lindows is pretty much a copy of Windows, pay for your software that people provide for free, pay for Linspire. Running as root issue is a big issue, and the people here who claim it's not simply don't understand why, yes Windows runs the equivalent as default.

Linux teaches users to learn about there OS rather then let it control them, unlike Windows Linux don't have parents looking over your shoulder to see if you delete files in root by accident. If people want to come to Linux, they come to learn it, even monkeys can learn, so I guess most Windows users are monkeys.

It's seems the only way for Linux to get desktop share on OEM computers is to be like Windows, rather than be itself to educate a user about there computer.

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