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BSD and Darwin derivatives Possibly in fear that hackers will be able to find backdoors in the Intel Darwin version and allow OSX to run on PCs other than Macs, Apple has only posted the sources of Darwin for PPC for the latest version.
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> because an OSS project sponsored by a company is not popular does not mean that it is lip service.

It does amount to lip service - ever heard of people bashing Apple and MacOSX?. No and why not?. Because all Apple has to do is say hey the kernel is open sourced and that basically shuts people up. Now what can real programmers do with Open Darwin - basically squat!.

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Shut who up, exactly? Mac OS X is a proprietary, non-open source operating system and they don't seem too bothered about it.

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ever heard of people bashing Apple and MacOSX?

I realize you're new here, but are you also new to the Internet? Apple's the second-favorite target of malcontents, right after Microsoft.

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Nailed that one, 'Open', would appear to be just another buzz word to be bandied about as it suits Apple. It was pretty obvious when I went looking for a quicktime producer for linux or any other os, I recall the only thing open quicktime on linux seemed to be good for was serving up the mov's made on your mac in an expensive closed app. The open source community would be ahead of the game if it just completely ostracized them.

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