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Windows In an interesting turn of events, Microsoft has said that the current Aero interface in the latest Vista build (the December CTP) is not the final UI, saying: "There are going to be GUI changes in Vista by the time the final release comes." However, not too long ago they claimed the current Aero UI was final. Will the real Microsoft developer please stand up?
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RE: Luna
by microshag on Fri 27th Jan 2006 19:29 UTC in reply to "Luna"
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Yep, as was my basic original point. All this talk of the new GUI when all of Microsoft's efforts should be going into to security so they don't embarrass themselves again. I guess it's easier to talk about shadows and frost than it is about teaching people for years that they don't have to worry about security on the internet, but that now they do.

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RE[2]: Luna
by sappyvcv on Fri 27th Jan 2006 20:45 in reply to "RE: Luna"
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Yeah, because they don't have different teams working on different components. And because people specialializing in GUI should be helping write security code.

*rolls eyes*

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RE[3]: Luna
by microshag on Fri 27th Jan 2006 21:20 in reply to "RE[2]: Luna"
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No, because they're better at eye candy than they are at security. Or maybe you want to dispute that.

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RE[3]: Luna
by thinsoldier on Sat 28th Jan 2006 00:04 in reply to "RE[2]: Luna"
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if windows vista was marketed as:

Every programmer on our payroll was retrained to specialize in security.

We paid 150,000 virus, malware, adware and spyware authors billions of dollars to write more junk to attack vista and supplied them with trillions of lines of source code to make their job easier.

We removed every part of IE except for those necessary for 3rd party apps to still render html without the lazy authors having to write their own simple, no-css-having, table-using html rendering engine and then those parts left in were made incapable of accessing Internet.

Unfortunately, we were too busy with security to add anything new.

I would have Vista on pre-order.

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