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Windows In an interesting turn of events, Microsoft has said that the current Aero interface in the latest Vista build (the December CTP) is not the final UI, saying: "There are going to be GUI changes in Vista by the time the final release comes." However, not too long ago they claimed the current Aero UI was final. Will the real Microsoft developer please stand up?
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RE[3]: Luna
by microshag on Fri 27th Jan 2006 21:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Luna"
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No, because they're better at eye candy than they are at security. Or maybe you want to dispute that.

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RE[4]: Luna
by sappyvcv on Fri 27th Jan 2006 23:12 in reply to "RE[3]: Luna"
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No, that's not it at all. Reread your post.

"All of Microsofts efforts should be going into security."

Are they not allowed to have a dedicated UI team? What's the problem with talking about the UI anyway? It's not like talking about it changes anything they are doing with security. It's not like they are focusing all their resources on UI and nothing else.

Apparently you have much to learn about software development.

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