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Intel "Connect any USB 2.0 device to your notebook and lose more than one hour of battery time: Tom's Hardware Guide's tests of a Windows-based Intel Core Duo mobile processor platform revealed a serious power consumption issue that, according to Intel, is caused by a Microsoft driver bug - a bug that has been known by Microsoft for some time, but kept from the public eye until today."
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RE[2]: woot
by bornagainenguin on Sun 29th Jan 2006 11:51 UTC in reply to "RE: woot"
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I agree he was trolling-- you could tell by the tone-- but he does have the fragment of a point. If Microsoft has known about this issue and its their issue, why haven't they released a fix before now?


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RE[3]: woot
by Sphinx on Sun 29th Jan 2006 19:47 in reply to "RE[2]: woot"
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Exactly, how much warning and heads up do they need?

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