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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux kernel, has fleshed out his unhappiness with GPLv3 in three recent posts on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Torvalds previously stated that the kernel will remain under the licensing terms of GPLv2. Yesterday, Torvalds offered his opinion as to where the battle over DRM should take place.
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However, I use DRM measures to protect the original multmedia content--images, videos, sounds, etc--that ship with the game binaries.

I'm not familiar with DRM techniques, but how could that even work if the code is open source ?
I mean, your game at some point will need to read and decrypt your data.
Imagine that I want to steal your content. If I recompile the code to make it save the decrypted data, I can crack open your DRM.
Or maybe you meant that the key to decrypt your data would not be part of the source code ?
But in that case, I could just pull the key out of the binaries. It would be especially easy to figure out how with the source code.

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