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Novell and Ximian Novell plans to release a beta for its Linux Desktop 10 including new features offering better interoperability with Microsoft Office and Open Office, said Ted Haeger, Novell's director of user communities, at the Southern California Linux Expo. The beta, tentatively scheduled for release next month, will include a new feature, dubbed Xgl. Haeger said Xgl will allow users to jump between screens and multiple desktops. Targeted to CAD software users, Xgl has a practical side that allows users to have better window- and file-sharing capabilities.
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How did this get through the bogofilter?
by soopurman on Wed 15th Feb 2006 23:29 UTC
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use Xgl for "better file-sharing capabilities." ???

This article demonstrates a thorough lack of understanding at even the most basic level of the subject matter at hand.

OSNews is better than this.

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I was most interested in the fact that this article announces the beta is coming next month.

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Well, obviously the files look much better with Xgl when you share them, hence "better file-sharing capabilities". You know, in the very much same way as Xgl gives you much better file management, email checking, web browsing, and not to mention, coffee making capabilities. I also heard, but take this with a grain of salt, that Xgl actually will give you better gas mileage on your car, so don't be surprised if you see it for sale on late night TV by som bearded shady guy. Don't underestimate the awesome all-encompassing embetterment-factor of a shiny, flashy GUI!

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You forgot security! Vista's Aero Glass UI makes it secure *nod*

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Well, obviously the files look much better with Xgl when you share them, hence "better file-sharing capabilities".

Probably a mistake in news article (at least I think so). NLD has included this totaly revamped iFolder
so, my best guess is that they ment NLD10 will have better file-sharing capabilities

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