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Date Registered: 2013-05-22

Bio: Retro enthusiast and NES/SNES collector. My first handheld was GameBoy Color, where I fallen in love with "Zelda: Link Awakening".
The phone I've fallen in love was Nokia N9 (and N95) with it's Meego Harmattan OS (Linux/Qt based). I've got N900 also, but not so impressed.
I'm now excited about SteamDeck, because of platform opennes(it used ArchLinux/Plasma combination, exactly what I've got on desktop now) and variety of input options (I hope somebody will implement "chorded keyboard" for it, because of four additional buttons on the back)

Started with MS-DOS, went trough Windows 3.11, 95, 98, XP, then switched to Madrake 8.0, where my Linux adventure begun.
Later I was Gentoo user, followed by Debian.
Biggest breakthrough was [email protected] community and PLD Linux, where I've became distro-developer for many years.
Because of problem with rpm5.org(the've switched to. hopefully recently this change was revoked after many years), I've switched to Fedora and ArchLinux.

Preferred Desktop OS: Linux

Preferred Mobile OS: Meego Harmattan

Preferred Niche OS: BeOS