DragonFly BSD Updates

The DragonFly project has been making progress of late adding features desired for their upcoming release. In addition to the ongoing work to prepare the system to run free of the MP lock, a number of smaller, but important subprojects are nearing completion.Among them are a number of pkgsrc changes that will finally allow the developers to retire the aging FreeBSD 4 ports system, and allow the use of much more up to date third party software. This is being done on the develpoment branch of DragonFly almost exclusively so as to make sure it should be ready for 1.4-Release.

Another long anticipated feature that is now on the road to completion is kernel assisted userland threading, which will map one kernel thread to every userland light weight process (a 1:1 threading implementation).

A few minor security enhancements have also been added.

Matt Dillon has set up a bug tracking database called Dunebuggy, that uses the now GPL’d Backplane database.


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