Microsoft and Zoom join Hong Kong data ‘pause’

Microsoft and Zoom have said they will not process data requests made by the Hong Kong authorities while they take stock of a new security law.

They follow Facebook, Google, Twitter and the chat app Telegram, which had already announced similar “pauses” in compliance over the past two days.

China passed the law on 30 June, criminalising acts that support independence, making it easier to punish protesters.

This feels more like a “let’s get some good press in the west while we resume normal operation in aiding the genocidal Chinese regime when people stop caring” than a real principled stand, but with how everybody just rolls over for China, I’ll take any element of resistance – no matter how weak sauce – I can get.

It doesn’t get much weaker than “pausing”, though.

Apple says it is “assessing” the rules.

Oh turns out I was wrong. It does get weaker.


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