AROS January Update

The AROS team has posted their first update of 2006. “Georg Steger has fixed input preferences for mouse, in order to improve mice tracking and pointer precision on the screen. Mathias Rustler has updated documentation for users and developers, adding some nice hints and removing obsolete informations. You’ll find signs of his work through this site. Mathias has also commited ExecuteStartup, a little tool that executes whatever application you’ll copy in the SYS:WBstartup drawer. Thanks to Nick Andrews and Jack Patton AROS has got IRC and Telnet clients. In order to enable networking on hosted version of AROS, Michal Schulz has commited a .tap interface hidd for all Unix targets.”


  1. 2006-02-01 8:09 pm
  2. 2006-02-03 7:36 am