Follow my (mobile) hardware Pixelfed account

I recently started a Pixelfed account dedicated to all the various pieces of (mobile) hardware I own. It’s still quite new, but the intention is to post photos of my Palm/PocketPC/etc. device collection a few times a week, with a short info blurb. The account will post no other content, so you won’t see photos of my food, sunsets, beaches, or other irrelevant nonsense.

In case you aren’t aware – Pixelfed is the Fediverse equivalent of Instagram, in the same way Mastodon is the Fediverse equivalent of Twitter. You can follow my Pixelfed account either through Pixelfed itself, through Mastodon, or through many other Fediverse-capable applications and services. Of course, you can also just bookmark it.


  1. 2023-06-25 11:19 am
  2. 2023-06-26 6:37 am