Li-Fi, light-based networking standard released

Today, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has added 802.11bb as a standard for light-based wireless communications. The publishing of the standard has been welcomed by global Li-Fi businesses, as it will help speed the rollout and adoption of the  data-transmission technology standard.


Where Li-Fi shines (pun intended) is not just in its purported speeds as fast as 224 GB/s. Fraunhofer’s Dominic Schulz points out that as it works in an exclusive optical spectrum, this ensures higher reliability and lower latency and jitter. Moreover “Light’s line-of-sight propagation enhances security by preventing wall penetration, reducing jamming and eavesdropping risks, and enabling centimetre-precision indoor navigation,” says Shultz.

The technology can work using regular lighting points, but you won’t see any flicker or strobing, since it uses infrared. I honestly like the idea of every light fixture in your house being a network access point, but I’m also getting flashbacks to using IrDA to sync PDAs to PCs, and what would happen if you obstructed the line of sight.


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