Microsoft is trying too hard with Edge

Microsoft Edge has slowly crept its way up as one of the more popular web browsers people use every day, especially on Windows 11. In 2022, it even overtook Safari as the second-most-popular browser in the world behind Chrome (although it has since dropped back to third). Despite running on Chromium, the same engine as Chrome, it has a lot of features even Chrome lacks, like collections and shopping features that can help you save money. And, of course, there’s the recent rise of Bing Chat. There’s a reason why I use it every day on some of the best laptops I review,

And even with all this popularity, it still feels like Microsoft is trying too hard with Edge. The company has gotten way too aggressive with its web browser recently, and it’s very concerning to see this behavior. Microsoft really wants you to try the browser no matter what, so it puts it in so many areas of Windows 11.

The concept of my operating system “pushing” anything on me, as is the norm on Windows and macOS, is entirely foreign to me these days. Fedora or Linux Mint aren’t advertising their services in the settings application, or pushing their browser through pop-ups or by secretly changing the default browset setting, or whatever other sleazeball tactics Microsoft and Apple are up to these days.

I don’t understand how people put up with that nonsense.


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