How the Mac didn’t bring programming to the people

Macs have brought a great deal to us over the years: desktop publishing, design, image editing and processing, multimedia, and more. One of the few fields where they have failed is programming, despite many attempts. Here I look back at some of those opportunities we missed.

It’s a bit of an only mildly related aside, but even though I personally would love to get into programming in some form, it’s actually a lot harder to get into than a lot of programmers tend to think. Learning how to program has big “the rest of the fucking owl” energy in that the most basic of basic concepts are relatively easy to grasp, but the leap from those very basic concepts to actually using them for something useful is absolutely massive and fraught with endless pitfalls.

Many, many have tried to bridge this massive canyon, and Apple sure has tried numerous times as this article illustrates, but other than just starting at a young age and never losing interest and never standing still for too long, it seems like nobody has found an actually good, reliable way of teaching latecomers how to program.


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