OS/2, ArcaOS Mastodon client in Object REXX

The spread of Mastodon clients to alternative platforms is continuing, and today, it’s OS/2’s – the one that got away – time in the spotlight. Robert Roland is working on a Mastodon client targeting OS/2, eComStation, and ArcaOS, but it’s all still early in development. The first bits of code were only uploaded yesterday, so there’s a long way yet to go – but if you want to follow along, you can go to Roland’s Mastodon account, and of course, if you want to help out, I’m sure he’d be delighted.

I love OS/2 – in the form of the modern ArcaOS – and a working Mastodon client is something that’s quite high on my wish list. Who knows – maybe one of you nerds can help out with this project.