Windows Subsystem for Linux September 2023 update

We know that WSL is used for a wide array of workflows and we want to help you get the best performance and quality experience from these workflows. That’s why we are introducing new features listed below as experimental features, so you can try them and provide us feedback and we will make the features you love as default! Here’s the summary of what we’re adding:

  • Added support for new opt-in experimental features
    • autoMemoryReclaim – Makes the WSL VM shrink in memory as you use it by reclaiming cached memory
    • Sparse VHD – Automatically shrinks the WSL virtual hard disk (VHD) as you use it
    • Mirrored mode networking – A new networking mode for WSL that adds new features and improves network compatibility
    • dnsTunneling – Changes how WSL resolves DNS requests to improve network compatibility
    • firewall – Applies Windows firewall rules to WSL, and allows for advanced firewall controls for the WSL VM
    • autoProxy – Makes WSL automatically use the proxy information from Windows to improve network compatibility

WSL isn’t exactly my cup of tea so I know relatively little about it, but I do know it’s quite popular. This looks like a big update with a ton of new features to play around with.

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