Amazon to switch Fire devices from Android to a new Linux distribution

Amazon has been working on a new operating system to replace Android on Fire TVs, smart displays and other connected devices, I have learned from talking to multiple sources with knowledge of these plans, as well as job listings and other materials referencing these efforts.

Development of the new operating system, which is internally known as Vega, appears fairly advanced [Ed. note: the links on the linked page use what I assume is some weird tracking nonsense. Do not click on them. This kind of linking is how the web dies. Sadly, this page is the original source, hence why I’m linking to it.]. The system has already been tested on Fire TV streaming adapters, and Amazon has told select partners about its plans to transition to a new application framework in the near future. A source with knowledge of the company’s plans suggested that it could start shipping Vega on select Fire TV devices as early as next year.

Is it a Linux distribution?

Amazon’s new operating system is also based on a flavor of Linux, and is using a more web-forward application model. App developers are being told to use React Native as an application framework, which allows them to build native apps with Javascript-powered interfaces.

Of course it’s a Linux distribution.


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