Motūrus OS: microkernel operating system for the cloud written in Rust

Motūrus project builds a simple, fast, and secure operating system (Motūrus OS) for the cloud.

In more specific terms, Motūrus OS (sometimes called Motor OS), is a new operating system targeting virtual machine-based workloads such as web serving, “serverless”, edge caching, etc.


Motūrus OS is a microkernel-based operating system, built in Rust, that targets virtualized workloads exclusively. It currently supports x64 KVM-based virtual machines, and can run in either Qemu or Cloud Hypervisor.

Rust is the language of Motūrus OS: not only it is implemented in Rust, it also exposes its ABI in Rust, not C.

↫ Motūrus OS GitHub page

At this point, there are more alternative operating systems written in Rust than there are Linux distributions, but you’re not hearing any complaints from me. While not all of these will have a bright future, they’ll teach a lot of people valuable skills and introduce a lot of people to the concept of alternative operating systems.


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