TrueNAS CORE 13 is the end of the FreeBSD version

Bad news from BSD land – the oldest vendor of BSD systems is changing direction away from FreeBSD and toward Linux.

NAS vendor iXsystems has been busy this year, but apart from some statements in online user communities, it hasn’t been talking about the big news. Back in 2022, we covered TrueNAS CORE 13, the new release of its FreeBSD-based turnkey OS for NAS servers, and in that article we mentioned its new product, the Debian-based TrueNAS SCALE, aimed at providing storage for Kubernetes users.

Now it seems the company is betting its future on that Linux-based product, meaning the end is in sight for the FreeBSD offering.

↫ Liam Proven at The Register

Very sad to read, as more monoculture is not exactly great, but at the same time, from a corporate perspective, it’s also not entirely unexpected to focus on the server operating system with by far the widest industry support. I hope the fork mentioned in the article gains some steam, because having competition in this space is crucially important.


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