OSNews sponsorships

Did you know we offer sponsorships at OSNews?

A weekly sponsorship puts your display ad on our site for a week. We will make an introductory post at the start of the week, and a thank you post at the end of the week, which will both make it to our RSS feed and social accounts. OSNews gets about 450,000 visits per month with more than 32,000 registered users, spread out over North America and Europe.

In addition, for any sponsorship you buy, you can opt to give a free weekly sponsorship to any open source and/or small project of your choosing. Does your company make use of an open source project you’d wish to help out? Let us know, and we’ll see if they’re interested in that free weekly sponsorship.

Read our Sponsorship page for more information, or contact Thom Holwerda for sponsorship inquiries.

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