GNOME 46 released

GNOME 46 has been released, and its packs a ton of new features and improvements. One of the headline improvements is the new global search feature.

Files comes with a new global search feature in GNOME 46. The feature is simple: activate it by clicking the new search button, or by using the Ctrl+Shift+F shortcut, then enter your query to search all your configured search locations.

Global search is a great way to jump directly into search, without having to think about where the items you want are located. The new feature also leverages GNOME’s existing file search capabilities, including the ability to search the contents of files, and filter by file type and modification date.

↫ GNOME 46 release notes

GNOME 46 also brings experimental support for variable refresh rate in Mutter, GNOME’s window manager, the Files application has seen a lot of work to drastically improve performance, the Settings application has been reworked, OneDrive support has been added to online accounts, and much more. Remote login has also been greatly improved.

GNOME’s remote desktop experience has been significantly enhanced for version 46, with the introduction of a new dedicated remote login option. This allows remotely connecting to a GNOME system which is not already in use. Connecting in this way means that the system’s display can be configured from the remote side, resulting in a better experience for the remote user.

GNOME 46 will make it to your distribution of choice over the coming weeks and months.