Windows 11 may get a highly requested Start menu redesign, here is how to try it

In October 2023, we published a recap of the top 10 features Windows 11 users want for the redesigned Start menu. Number 6 was the ability to switch from list view to grid view in the “All Apps” list, which received over 1,500 upvotes in the Feedback Hub. Six months later, Microsoft finally appears to be ready to give users what they want.

PhantomOfEarth, the ever-giving source of hidden stuff in Windows 11 preview builds, discovered that Windows 11 build 22635.3420 lets you change from list to grid view in the “All Apps” section. Like other unannounced features, this one requires a bit of tinkering using the ViVeTool app until Microsoft makes it official.

↫ Taras Buria

I’m still baffled Microsoft consistently manages to mess up something as once-iconic and impactful like the Start menu. It seems like Microsoft just can’t leave it well enough alone, even though it kind of already nailed it in Windows 95 – just give us that, but with a modern search function, and we’re all going to be happy. That’s it. We don’t want or need more.

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