Qt 6.7, Qt Creator 13 released

Earlier this week, Qt 6.7 was released with a whole slew of new features and improvements. Reading through the various highlights, there’s further improvements to Qt Graphs, first released with Qt 6.6 and still under active development, better SVG support, variable fonts and icon font support, and much more. There’s also a variety of new examples and demo applications, and of course, Qt 6.7 supports all the latest operating system releases.

One feature that truly stood out to me as something that I’m assuming will make Qt developers happy is improved support for embedding native controls into Qt applications.

On both desktop and mobile platforms, applications often need to combine UI elements from different technologies and frameworks. Qt uses and integrates tightly with the native technologies on each platform to create basic UI elements such as windows, and it has for a long time been possible to use UI elements from other frameworks within a Qt Widgets application.

With Qt 6.7, we are now adding support for embedding native windows into a Qt Quick scene as well. This allows use of native controls such as AppKit’s MapView or a Windows media player inside a Qt Quick UI, with correct positioning and stacking. By layering windows, Qt Quick UI elements can be overlaid on top of the native components as well.

↫ Volker Hilsheimer

Alongside Qt 6.7, Qt Creator 13 has also been released, which comes with its own set of improvements and new features.