Dillo 3.1.0 released: first release since 2015

Do any of you remember the browser Dillo? The project’s been through a rough few years after the main developer of the layout engine sadly passed away, the lead developer disappeared from the project, the dillo.org domain was lost and taken over by spammers – but now there’s new people at the helm, and the browser just released it first new version since 2015. Dillo 3.1.0 brings a whole host of new features and improvements.

  • Add support for floating HTML elements, which involved a big redesign.
  • Add support for OpenSSL, LibreSSL and mbed TLS for HTTPS, which is now enabled by default.
  • Add a CI pipeline to build Dillo on Ubuntu, MacOS, FreeBSD and Windows (via cygwin).
  • Add automatic HTML rendering tests.
  • Improve and extend the Dillo manual.
↫ Dillo 3.1.0 announcement

Dillo is open source, uses the FLTK toolkit, and runs on Linux, BSD, MacOS, Windows (Cygwin), and more.

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