IBM introduces entry-level Power10 server and tower

Each S1012 node has a single Power10 processor, which can have 1, 4, or 8 cores activated, which suggests that it is the same single chip module (SCM) implementation of the Power10 processor that was used in the Power S1022s entry machine. The Power S1012 node has four ISDIMM memory slots (using the differential signaling created by Big Blue for its Power10 memory) with a maximum capacity of 256 GB. The node has four half-height, half-length PCI-Express 5.0 slots and room for four NVM-Express U.2 drive bays that come in a maximum 1.6 TB capacity each for a total of 6.4 TB of storage.


The eight-core version of the Power10 SCM is only available in the rack configuration, while the one-core and four-core versions are available in rack or tower configurations. The four-core and eight-core versions can run IBM i, AIX, or Linux, but the one-core version can only run IBM i and it has its main memory capped at the same 64 GB that other single-core Power Systems machines have been subjected to. We have suggested that 128 GB or even 256 GB is more appropriate given modern workloads, but Big Blue is standing its ground here. If you need more memory than 64 GB, then this machine is not for you.

↫ Timothy Prickett Morgan at IT Jungle

I understand full well that these machines are by no means meant for people like you and I, sitting at home playing with our toys. That being said, I still wish there was some way for IBM to offer unique hardware like this – perhaps in a more standard, paired-down configuration – so more people than just enterprises could explore and use them.

It wouldn’t make any economic sense for IBM to do so, and even in a more standard, paired-down configuration they’d probably still be ungodly expensive, but when I look at this unique tower, with its POWER10 hardware and the ability to run AIX, desires are stirred within me that are banned in at least 46 countries. Such a machine would surely be wasted on someone like me, who would just be shoehorning whatever desktop tasks he could into it, but what a grand ol’ time we would have.

There is absolutely, positively, unequivocally zero percent chance IBM would ever send one of these over for review to someone like me, but I wonder if I should try anyway. I’ve got nothing to lose. Does anyone here work at IBM? Perhaps IBM wants to sponsor OSNews? How about like 12 weeks of free sponsorships in exchange for a tower model of the Power S1012? I also have two POWER9 machines to compare it to!

It’s the only way you’ll ever get a Power S1012 screenfetch screenshot go viral on nerd social media, and we all know that deep down, that’s all you IBM folks really want.


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