Open Sourcing RISC OS by Stealth

“Of the 344 functions in the Castle Shared C Library, Graham Shaw has so far managed to implement 200 in his alternative module. A hundred of those have been fully tested, and this is after six weeks of development. By Graham’s reckoning, his target is to recreate the official SCL’s 48 base functions, 185 C library functions, and 111 functions related to 64bit support, the C99 standard and other bits and pieces. The module is an open source affair, but will allow applications to use it without repercussions, such as requiring proprietary program authors to reveal their own source code. Developers can, it’s expected, choose to use their own choice of ‘stubs’ library, as provided by the Castle C/C++ compiler kit, RISCOS Ltd’s StubsG or with the GCCSDK.”


  1. 2006-03-21 8:48 pm
    • 2006-03-21 10:51 pm