Danger’s Hiptop Handheld Still on Hold

The combination of cell phone and Web-browsing handheld, which the company had hoped to have in the hands of consumers by the beginning of this month, is unlikely to be widely available until next month, industry sources say. […] Danger CEO Andy Rubin declined to offer a new launch date, saying that is up to the company’s carrier partners. However, he said the company is in volume production of the device, with 6,000 Hiptops being produced each week (will sell for $200, unlimited browsing and some free phone minutes for $40/month). […] Initially, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion should not feel much of a threat from Danger, given that the former sells primarily to business users and the latter is pitched at consumers. […] The device’s arrival could pose problems for Palm, which gets much of its business from consumers”. The story is at News.com, earlier coverage here.


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