Impressions from LinuxWorld

Check inside for our photo review of this year’s LinuxWorld. In short, Novell rocked the show, while Red Hat and Sun were missing completely! We think that there were fewer people visiting this year… However, we got to see the new PalmSource ALP OS, we chatted with Motorola about their Linux SDK’s state of affairs and more!

Special thanks to Vincent Queru for the pictures!

Chander Kant, CEO of Zmanda and LinuxCertified, and I. Recently, Zmanda extended its Amanda Backup enterprise support while it has been selected to join Novell’s Market Start program for innovative open source companies. Amanda Enterprise will now be available on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.

Corey Burger and Jorge Castro at the Gnome booth with their “Golden Penguin Bowl” trophy. “We kicked Novell’s a$$ at the competition last night“, they told us…

Corey Burger shows us a live Userful desktop, a lock-down version of Gnome (great solution for kiosks).

Our good online friend Ben Rockwood at the OpenSolaris pavilion. Check out his beast server, with 12 Terrabytes of storage (can go up to 24TB). With ZFS it’s very easy to maintain it rather with other available solutions, he said.

The Xandros booth.

The FreeBSD booth. Matt Olander told us how fast their PC-BSD CDs were going away! Everyone wants a FreeBSD desktop version it seems!

Representatives from webScurity and StoneSoft, special guests at IBM’s pavilion. They provide advanced firewall solutions.

The Fedora Project guys! The single Red Hat employee was to be found at the Fedora’s booth. They showed us the new default icon theme for the upcoming Fedora, called Echo. They were running Fedora Core on an Intel MacMini and it worked perfectly, even ACPI “sleep” worked well.

Trolltech’s GreenPhone. This development ODM version doesn’t come with WiFi, but it has Bluetooth, QVGA screen and more. The phone looks like a normal phone, but it has a touchscreen.

Guy Martin from Motorola. At last, someone who knows his stuff regarding Linux at Motorola and we were able to get info regarding their Linux phones: the plan is that all future Motorola phones (Chameleon or EZX platform) will come with a standard SDK that enthusiasts will be able to write native applications for. Motorola hopes that others will use their stack and so they create a big Linux platform of many binary-compatible phones in the market. However, don’t expect an SDK to be released for their current Linux phones…

On the first picture, the very helpful Eugene Tan of Palmsource (ex-Be, Inc. build engineer). Also, the Palm ALP running a GTK application recompiled for PalmSource’s version. They are using Glade 3.0 and they have contributed many new widgets to the Glade developers, but they think that these haven’t been integrated yet to the standard Glade… Apparently with a small makefile change you can recompile existing GTK applications for the ALP (and some reformatting of Widgets is getting taken care of by the ALP system so it fits on the small screen). Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures from the live ALP running on some Haier cellphones (with touchscreen). The interface looked good, although the system requires 64MBs of RAM, which is kinda hefty requirement if they try to market them towards mid-range cellphones…

The always cool Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda of Slashdot in a bean bag at the Slashdot lounge. Jeff “Hemos” Bates was hunting elephants in Africa, he told us… 😉

The Intel booth.

The whole LinuxWorld expo from left to center and right.


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