Introducing OSNews Jobs

Today, we are proud to announce a new section of our website. After a story was posted on our website last month, readers let us know that they would welcome a job-related area of our website. So today, we are announcing Read on for details. We envision serving two roles:

  1. We want to offer employers a place to find technical people without all the red tape. Jobs.OSNews is a simple web site with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly and easily find a job.
  2. Like our companion site Gnomefiles, we want to offer a service to the community. Open source projects often need a focused way to connect with new developers. Since our site and staff utilize a number of free (as in “speech”) programs, we want to do our part to support them.

Jobs.OSNews is currently a “beta” product, and as such, is currently completely free. During the beta period, all job posting will be free. You can post as many jobs as you’d like. When the beta period is up, it is likely that we will be charging a small but painless fee for jobs listings (for commercial entities only). Open source projects will never have to worry about us charging for job postings. Our commitment is to being a free service for these projects.

A few more notes: employer registration is currently in “approval mode.” Each registration must be approved manually, so it may be several minutes or hours before you are allowed to post a job after registration.

Jobs listed on Jobs.OSNews are completely and totally independent of this the main site, so we cannot connect your company, your comments, etc to your OSN account. Furthermore, the site stores no information about our users at all. Information is kept only is cookies on your computer and can be cleared at any time. A backup/restore console allows you to take your “session” with you or back it up, but assures your privacy by not linking your data to a person in any way.

Unlike this site, Jobs.OSNews is built for modern browsers and uses code that requires active scripting and CSS to be enabled. We encourage you to read the About section for more on this.

If you are the developer of an open source project looking for developers, feel free to register and post an opening.

Any questions or comments about how the site works should be posted in the comments here.


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