The Desktop Open War

From Wired: “It started as a crusade for free source code. Linux zealots turned it into a full-frontal assault on Microsoft. Now the battle for the desktop could snatch defeat from the jaws of moral victory.” This is the teaser of a four page interesting editorial from Russ Mitchell found on Wired. The author recognises that “Linux has a real shot in the enterprise business”, but he believes that Linux is never going to get a respectful share of the desktop market, and he presents a number arguments for it. He also includes statements from many people like Rob Malda and Red Hat employees who, surprisingly, state that the real enemy for their business today is not Microsoft (where most of their joe-user customers are far reached from Linux’s “nerd” market), but companies like Sun and the “traditional” Unices like Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX and Tru64.


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